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As I continue to stall on things to write about…

I will admit that when I am fishing, I am a sucker for a great sunrise/sunset picture. Due to my schedule and life commitments, my fishing tends to take place early in the morning or in the waning hours of the day. No problem with that… a lot of good fishing happens in those hours.

And of course, some beautiful scenery. Here are some recent shots…


Isn’t life wonderful?

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Two weeks ago, I had an opportunity to take a huge step forward in my career in higher education. I have recently moved from the College of Business Administration at the University of Nebraska – Lincoln, to the College of Education and Human Sciences. In many ways this position is my dream job… at least for the next step in my career. Leaving my last position was very hard, but I have a massive amount of opportunity ahead of me in my new role.

In other news, taking a new job is also a drain on your time…

And I have had little time to fly fish. Let alone write about fly fishing. But don’t worry; the story of the great fish in the last article is still coming. I caught it the weekend after my first week on my new job.

I would call that a good sign.

See hunched over the Undergraduate Bulletin, learning a new curriculum.


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20130907-094130.jpgLargemouth Bass; caught this morning on public water. 19 1/2 inches.

Story to come!!!

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Little E hasn’t wanted to go to the lake recently. She has been in a “Mommy’s Girl” phase. But this weekend we saw the roles reverse… for the first time in weeks!

It’s nice to be on favorite every once in a while. Letting her wear her toy fishing vest helped too…

What a great night!

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