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Starting to get search engine hits for this again, so I though I would post this years information. This kids tournament is put on by a member of the NEFGA forum and is a great event. Winner of the upper kids division is a lifetime Nebraska Fishing License… definitely worth the FREE entry fee.

See you there!

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The ice melted away…
And the first fish landed…
Like a phoenix, Flies Over rises again.
Open water 2014.

Happy fishing.

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20131122-114919.jpgYou decide…

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Late Season Crappie!!!


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More fun with deer hair…

When my wife calls it gross, it think that is a pretty sign it will interest a big old bass!

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In case you missed, Nebraska has started it’s fall 2013 trout stocking schedule

Which means I have been out chasing my favorite fish, above and by far: the Rainbow Trout.

There isn’t a prettier fish around. Or one that is more fun to chase.

I have all sorts of things to say about chasing trout over the last week. But one experience takes the cake. One night this last week, Little E tagged along with me to catch a trout. She knows full well that the Rainbows are daddy’s favorite. And daddy desperately wanted to catch her one so she could hold one in her hands. Hopefully holding one would inspire a lifetime of awe in her, just as it had for me.

Well, they call it fishing for a reason. I got skunked.

Little E spent her time picking cattails to take home to mommy. Right toward sundown, when we were getting ready to call it a night, she pulled on my pant legs and asked if she could cast. I had my tenkara rod with me, and figured why not…

I had been messing around with a dry fly, as I had gotten a few pecks at it, but no takes. I didn’t think anything of the fly choice at the time; I just wanted her to cast the rod. So she began flinging the rod around. Her “cast” (using the word loosely) was pretty funny.

I was working with her to pick the line up, cast it, then count to five; to give the fish a chance to bite. An important skill for down the road I thought…

I thought…

When she went to pick up the line for a cast, she belted out “Daddy! I got a shishy!!!”

And sure enough, she did.

She pulled the rod back, almost instinctively. All I had to do was grab the line and flop it up on shore.

She was so excite… just look at that smile.

She even put it back in the water herself…

And then she wanted to keep going. And two or three casts later, up came another one…

That’s my girl!

Somehow, even the days I get skunked somehow turn out being pretty memorable

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I decide to attempt a huge leap forward in my fly tying this week…

This weekend while at Scheel’s in Omaha, I browsed through their fly fishing section and came across some deer hair popper flies. I believe these are the coolest looking flies that someone could fly. My experience with deer hair up to this point was only a couple of muddler minnows about a year back… and they came out so-so.

I figured deer hair flies were above my skill level. That is until my wife walked by, saw what I had in my hand, and commented “that one is neat.” Then the competitive side of me took off and said “Neat huh? I can do that…”

Above is my first attempt. Not bad; although if you look close enough you can can see the stumps of the rubber legs I attempted to tie into the fly… I broke one off and the others came out of the fly at all sorts of crazy angles… so I just cut them off.

Tonight I sat down and took a crack at it again. Deer hair fly number 2:

I have to say, for my second deer hair fly, I thought I did a pretty darn good job.

So I kept tying… Deer hair fly number 3 on the left (next to number 2):

Three flies, and I think I have the process perfected.

And I only stabbed myself on the hook point once while I had flies in the vise tonight…

There are two things that I love about fly fishing. The first is how involved you can make the experience. The second is how there is always something new to try… a new fly tying pattern, and new technique, a new species of fish to chase. The hobby constantly finds new ways to stay fresh and challenging.

And what takes a few minutes to learn, takes a life time to master.

See you hunched over the tying bench, covered in pastel colored deer hair…


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