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So I was going to write a post about my crappy weekend that inspired the blog… I guess that can wait a couple days.

Today when I picked my daughter up from daycare, she told me that she saw “sh-ishes” that day. Since they don’t have an aquarium at the daycare, I was curious. Her daycare teacher informed me that they went on a walk that day, and while walking by the creek in the near by park, they saw a bunch of fishing swimming in shallow water. I assumed they were carp, but they went on to describe them as “alligator” fish… which kind of got me excited. They must have been Gar!

I keep a list of fish that I intend to catch on the fly… it’s part of what keeps fly fishing fresh and interesting for me. Currently next on that list are Gar, Carp, Brown Trout, and Northern Pike. That should give you a good idea of where I am at in my fly fishing…

What got me excited is the fact that one of my current targets was less then two blocks from my daughters daycare, and less then four blocks from my office… almost close enough to go fishing on my lunch break…

Now, I don’t know what makes me crazy enough to want to catch a Gar at all, let alone on the fly. But I guess the lesson here is that no matter where you are, you will be surprised at how close fishing opportunities really are. I am not saying that everyone should go out Gar fishing; but fly fishing never ceases to amazing me… and this is a great example of why.

Of course I needed my 2 year old to give me the complete scouting report! We walked down to the creek to find the “sh-ishes”. Of course my daughter was excited to see them again too. They looked catchable to me!

Look close, they’re in there!

There was a whole school of them a little bit further up the channel (in a part that didn’t look like a storm culvert).

Of course my daughter was excited to see them again; “Sh-ishes! Sh-ishes!” That’s my girl! How long before she can cast a fly?!

Now all I need to do is tie some of those nylon rope flies I have been reading about on the internet… now that I have a “honey hole”! I guarantee you I will be the only fly fisherman in downtown Lincoln, Nebraska! At least the only one actually standing in downtown Lincoln and actively fishing!

Happy fishing!

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