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Now On Facebook!

Since I have started blogging, I have discovered I am obsessed with the statistics… as I am sure most bloggers are. In an attempt to extort more hits to my blog, I have set up a Facebook page. If you read the blog regularly (all three or four of you), please “like” the page. You can find the like button on the top of the column to the right.

Hopefully this will make it easier to follow my blog (that is, easier for me to fulfill my ego’s need to know how many people regularly read the blog…)

All I have to do now is figure out how to make money off the blog! Anyone want to sponsor Flies Over Nebraska? Rates are reasonable…

It’s not like anyone I know works at a major American outdoor retailer’s national headquarters or anything…

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So I have been thinking about starting a fly fishing blog for a while now… since the fishing was crummy this weekend, it gave me a chance to start it!

I wanted to start this because I follow a few fly fishing blogs and magazines, but they tend to focus on mountain fly fishing for trout, or salt water fly fishing in the tropics. While these are all well and good; I live in Nebraska… which is close to neither. Nor do I have the financial capability to make numerous trips to either destination.

I wanted to start a blog about the type of fly fishing that I do… warm water fly fishing on the great plains. The types of fishing that I do I think are common for a lot of people. You have a few hours to get out and fish here and there. Most fishing trips are impromptu trips to the local lake… with maybe the occasional planned trip to a destination. I hope this blog fills that kind of niche.

Now I am not an expert on fly fishing… or even fishing in general. I would put myself squarely in the intermediate range. But I enjoy it. And I have passion for it. And hopefully people can learn something from it too.

Fly Fishing seems to have an aura about it… people think that you have to have something magical to do it. Well… they are partiality right. There is something magical about doing it… but anyone can learn to do it. In fact it is really easy to learn. Heck, if I can do it anyone can.

Another common belief about fly fishing is that it is incredibly expensive. Also, only partially true. Just like golf, it can be as expensive as you want it to be. Believe me, I don’t have the kind of money to spend on the sport as I would like to (although I am sure my wife is convinced that I spendway more on it then I should!)

Is fly fishing better then more common (relative to where I live) forms of fishing??? That depends on the situation, but probably no. But for me it is much more fun. And it gets me outside… and something I can pass down to my daughter. And isn’t that what life is all about?

Plus, writing about fly fishing gives me a chance to actually use the creative writing degree I picked up in college!

Now, why did I have the time to start this blog??? This is my weekend in a nutshell:

This is my journey into the addiction that is fly fishing. Hope you enjoy the ride as much as I do!

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