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In response to my recent post about being asked to join an international fly exchange, a reader left a comment on my blog asking what fly tying was… more specifically if it involved tying real, live flies in some manner.

An understandable mistake for someone who does not actively fly fish.

I will admit that the name “fly tying” is open to a little bit of interpretation…

I responded with some links to my own blog showing how fly tying is done step-by-step; proving that it is not a cruel hobby. Another reader responded with a similar experience he had when he told someone he was signing up for a fly tying class…

Here is the comment Richardmax22 left for me:

Funny you should say that. In outdoor humor article I wrote posted on Nov 10th, The Sqeamerchuck Special, I wrote about signing up for a fly tying class at a local community college. When I told the administrator my class was fly tying, some young lady behind be said, โ€œTying up flies? Sounds kind of kinky to me.โ€ True story.

I went back and found the entire story on his blog. It was hilarious through and through. I almost feel out of my chair laughing… it involves much more than this little quip!

I would highly suggest reading it yourself:

And while you are there, give him a follow too… he is a great writer with great outdoor stories!

Thank you Richard for allowing me to share your story!

Happy reading!


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An update on my international fly exchange… I managed to get 1/4th of my flies tied the other night… these are my version of Bead Head Prince Nymphs.

I had started out tying collars on them like I prefer… but after struggling with trying to add them, I gave up and left them off.

I think they turned out great even without the collars.

Seeing them all in a pile looks pretty cool.

On to the next fly!

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Flies Over Nebraska went on a road trip this weekend.

Some of my friends and I snagged tickets to the Iowa-Nebraska game this weekend. So-so game; very cold, but at least Nebraska ground out a win.

Overall, it was a great trip.

But early this morning, I woke up long before any of my friends. I wandered to the lobby of the hotel looking for something to do. Across the street from our hotel was the Iowa River. A quick check on my smart phone reveled that, yes, the river was fishable. Having nothing better to do, I wandered out of the hotel room to take a closer look…

So there I found myself on the banks of a fishable body of water, with time to kill, and no way to wet a line.

Would I have caught anything?

Probably not…

But without a pole the answer is always no.

I guess that is a good lesson… always bring a fishing pole…

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Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving from Flies Over Nebraska!


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I was watching one of my favorite movies tonight (The River Why) and I saw this sign in the movie. Okay, not this exact sign… I grew up in the Napster generation, so I am worried about getting sued over things like “fair use”; so this is my *recreation* of the sign I saw in the movie.

It’s what I imagine reading my blog must be like…

I had to pause the movie and read this sign… I have never noticed it before and I fell off the couch laughing!

Reminds me of an age old question:

Do all fisherman lie, or do only liers fish?

I guess we will never know…

I’ll leave my faithful readers to decide.

Maybe this quote (which Google search assures me is attributed to William Sherwood Fox) is more accurate:

Of all the liars among mankind, the fisherman is the most trustworthy.

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My friend over at Trout Passion recently invited me to participate in a fly tying exchange. Pretty cool. The coolest part? I am the only tier from the United States! The rest of the tiers are all in Europe, which means I should have some pretty cool flies from all over the world soon!

Above are the flies I will be contributing… A Clouser Minnow, Prince Nymph, a ‘Gil Getter Wet Fly, and Stimulator Dry Fly.

And now to tie 10 of each…

See you hunched over the vice!


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Back to the fly fishing!

I got a chance to go out for what is probably one of my final fishing trips of 2012. I might get a chance to go out next weekend, but that might be just about it for the year…

And I did manage to catch a couple of fish too!

These are what I refer to as a “low probability day”. With the cold weather, decreasing water temperatures, and decreasing amount of daylight most fish have moved beyond the range of my fly fishing tackle. As the weather grows colder, they will seek shelter in the deepest parts of the water… far away from where my gear can place a fly.

There are some exceptions… trout tend to be most active in cold water. And every once in a while, you’ll pick something else up to; like this bluegill.

Mostly I go out on days like this just to get away and relax. To think about things and clear my head. To just be outside…

There are lots of trips I make throughout the year when I go out on days that I know the fish won’t bite. But I still gear up and head out anyways…

Fishing is not about catching fish.

I have friends that would never go fishing because they say it is boring. That waiting for the fish to bite is too much to bear. I think a lot of people think that fishing would only be fun if you could pull fish after fish out of the water as soon as your line hit the water.

But would that really be fun? If fish were so… unelusive… that you could catch them with that ease?

Fishing on “low probability days” doesn’t mean that I expect to catch fish. Far from it. I actually expect not to catch fish…

I expect to think, relax, and to spend time working on my cast.

Catching a fish on a day that I am not supposed to catch any fish?

That is just icing on the cake.

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