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Rest In Peace, iPhone 4…

And long live my new iPhone 5!!!

(…that I promised my wife I would not take to the lake.)


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It Was Bound To Happen…

And now it has.

The first thing you might notice about this post is that there is no pictures. That is because my iPhone may or may not have had a close encounter of the aquatic kind on a recent trip to the lake.

Now before my Granny chimes in here… I went into the water on purpose. I did not fall in; like a member of my family (who shall remain nameless). I simply forgot to take it out of my pocket.

Apparently, iPhones are made out of paper mache, and cannot withstand the slightest contact with water. One of the most basic elements on earth.

It makes it really hard to write a fishing blog when I can’t take pictures. I guess I had better head off to the Verizon store. Let the iPhone withdraws begin.

See you shaking and jonesing in the corner…


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The heat wave in Nebraska continues… It’s too miserable to fish in this heat.

In the mean time, I found this picture on an old cell phone while looking for a different picture…

This is the first Rainbow Trout I ever caught… from the dawn of my fly fishing days. I believe I caught it on a green woolly bugger. Nebraska Game and Parks stocks trout in Holmes and Bowling Lake a couple times a year when the weather cools off. This picture was taken sometime mid October 2010 a couple of days after the stocking…

I remember looking at this picture on my phone every chance I got. Part of me was amazed I even caught the thing… the other part was amazed that I caught something so beautiful. Rainbow Trout have been my favorite fish ever since…

It’s kinda neat to see how much my fly fishing has evolved in the last two years… and how much better I am documenting my catches. This picture is horrible! I remember holding on to this trout so tight, because I was scared he was flop out of my hand before I could get a picture… he went airborne a couple of times in the process of landing him. I caught many more since and they put up a great fight!

Now I take time to properly stage a picture. The Blackberry I had at the time was a horrible camera, and my iPhone takes way better pictures (long live the iPhone!). Not to mention that I catch way more fish now! Hopefully the blog improves at the same rate!

Even though it is a bad picture, it brings back some great memories of that day…

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