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Flies Over Nebraska is proud to announce the completion of it’s second hit: White Bass!

For those of you keeping score at home, this marks the second hit that Flies Over has completed since coming online this summer. The hitlist has been appropriately updated.

This morning I got a chance to sneak away to fish for a few hours. I started out a Pawnee Lake SRA, just down the road from my house. I needed to try something different then Bowling Lake for a change; and while a coworker of mine considers Pawnee Lake the “Dead Sea of Nebraska”, I have had some good luck with Crappies there… except today.

I gave up after about an hour at Pawnee and only landing a couple white perch. Bored, I decided to go way out on a limb and do something I almost never do: fish Branched Oak Lake.

Nothing against Branched Oak Lake… it is a large reservoir and I tend to have my best luck on small bodies of water. The biggest reason why I don’t go there is the power boaters and jet skiers. To each their own… I don’t have a problem with people enjoying these sports. I just don’t like fly fishing with the wakes of speed boats lapping against me and disturbing all the fish. Because of this, fishing from the shore at Branched Oak is annoying… let alone, I can’t even imaging putting the belly boat out on anything other then a “no-wake” lake…

The reason why I decided to make the short jump to Branched Oak is that it is so late in the summer that most of campers and water sports enthusiasts have long since packed it in for the winter.

Branched Oak also supports some species that most smaller lakes cannot; like flathead catfish, walleye, striped bass, and today’s hit white bass.

I accomplished today’s hit by bouncing a microjig off the bottom in and around some brush in the water. Also picked up a couple more white perch and a bluegill.

Over all it was a slow day fishing. But picking up the “hit” made it worth it.

Then again, any fishing trip is worth it.

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Fly Tying: Micro Jig

This fly treated me well all weekend! I caught my catfish and a largemouth bass on this Friday, and my first smallmouth bass on this fly Sunday.

The jighead helps the fly to sink fast and bounce along the bottom. It also makes the fly ride hook up, which is great for how I like to fish it. I tie it on a 1/80 oz. jig head.

I haven’t fished this fly long, but it has quickly become a standard in my fly box.


Tying Steps:

Step 1: Tie on thread


Step 2: Tie on marabou tail


Step 3: Tie on chenille cord


Step 4: Tie on the back legs


Step 5: Tie on front legs


Step 6: Start wrapping chenille forward. Be careful to keeps the legs straight.


Step 7: Wrap chenille all the way forward


Step 8: Stretch legs up and trim legs evenly


Step 9: Whip finish


Step 10: Go fishing!


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