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And It Starts Again…

A couple of notes… Since apparently Flies Over has become weekly publication.

Today represents the start of one of my favorite times of the year… College Football Season! But it also means that my two passions will be competing for my time…

Also, I will be starting a new job at the University of Nebraska next week. Which means even more of my time will be competed for.

At least it is a long weekend this week…

See you in Memorial Stadium… Or fishing… Or maybe both…


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Today, I got out of bed at 5:20 AM.

Those of you who knew me in my youth must be shock at that statement. I used to sleep into 10 and 11 o’clock in the morning. But one of the gifts that fly fishing has given me is a knowledge of all the wonderful things that happen as the sun comes up. I have spent my whole life watching and looking at sunsets. They can be quite beautiful…

But they represent they end of a day. An almost pessimistic thought… the end.

Wanting to get up and fishing early early in the morning would have once been a foreign thought to me. I have always been a night owl, and my life and social life before fatherhood had taken place at night. As such, it would seem that fishing at the end of the day would be more comfortable for me. It often happens after all the day’s activities have come to an end. There would be no reason to rush to the lake; I could take my time on the water, and fish clear into the dark. Many times the only thing waiting for me after fishing is bed.

However, here is something that fly fishing has taught me about life:

Getting up early to fish has taught me to enjoy watching the world wake up. And this has become special to me…


It’s not that I have never been up in the morning and watched a sunrise; but enjoying one is something I have found through fly fishing. I my quest to find and catch fish, I have been refining my tactics any way I can. In the heat of the “dog-days” of summer, the best time to fish is at sunrise or sunset. Often the windows of good fishing are only at these times in the height of summer; and the feeding periods of fish can be intensely short.

Being on the water at the right time can definitely mean the difference between a great day and getting skunked.

Working in academia in the fall means the my work schedule is running at full capacity. Top that off with a young family and a three year old at home, and my evenings are often spoken for. Thus, my fishing addiction drives me out of the house to hit the fishing “window” at hours of the day a younger me would have baulked at.

Getting up at 5:20 AM means going to bed earlier, prepping my fishing tackle the night before, driving impatiently to the lake, and setting my gear up as fast as possible in the dark. All so I can be on the water and in place as light begins to break across the water.

This entire process seems counter intuitive to me… shouldn’t I be going faster when fishing at the end of the day when there are precious few minutes of light left? Shouldn’t I be more relaxed in the morning knowing there is a whole day ahead of me?

The whole world seems upside down…

I sense this as I wade into the water; a brand new feeling that not noticed in previous years of my life. Each time I stop and watch a sunrise as I am standing waist deep in water, an epiphany presents itself again. The optimism of a brand new day.

In the slow and lethargic pace of an evening fishing I pessimistically pretend that if I ignore the sunset, the day won’t end. But prepping my gear the night before and the excited pace to get out on the water early presents the optimism and excitement of a brand new day. This little realization relaxes and sooths me; as I watch the sunrise give birth to morning.

When I used to live the night life, I would always stay up into the early morning hours. Sometimes I would not go to bed until the hours I now wake up to fish. I never used to see the sunrise. I would only see it set…

And you never realize how depressing a world of sunsets can be. That is, until something grabs your soul and leads you into the morning sun…

And even the littlest catches can sometimes be the biggest events of the day…

Anglers may start their lives by chasing fish… but somehow they always hook up with something more.

Even if the fish are not biting.

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This weekend I have completed a long journey in my life, that began four years ago.

Friday, I received my Masters of Education in Higher Education Administration with a Specialization in Student Affairs.

And I couldn’t be happier to be done!

While I have technically been complete with my degree for about 6 weeks, receiving the piece of paper is a welcome feeling and a complete relief. When I walked across the stage, my diploma was enclosed. The University of Nebraska – Lincoln was even nice enough to sign it too!

Or… at least autopen it. But who cares! I AM DONE WITH GRADUATE SCHOOL!

And preparing for the graduation party/Little E’s third birthday party has seriously depleted my time on the water. At least we are in the dog days of summer and the fishing is pretty tough right now anyways.

But I did get a nice graduation day present from my wife… about 45 minutes to spend on the water before I needed to pick Little E’s birthday cake up.

A couple fish were even nice enough to end up in my hand. What a great day.

And most of all, happy third birthday Little E!!!

See you changing my email signature…


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Rest In Peace, iPhone 4…

And long live my new iPhone 5!!!

(…that I promised my wife I would not take to the lake.)

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It’s been a week today, and my iPhone is still down. I am still not giving up hope that I can save it. I am extremely stubborn (ask about the Ford Mustang I used to own sometime), and I have a special screwdriver coming today to open my phone. I am going to attempt to take an iPhone apart and repair it. Wish me luck…

In other news, I have discovered that writing a fishing blog becomes difficult without easy access to a camera that goes everywhere with you. Also, the weather is hot and the fishing is bad. All makes for some pretty boring story telling. But since I have the time, and I am waiting for a doctor appointment this morning, how about a couple quick updates…

Early in July, my family celebrated Christmas. You read that correctly. My family is so spread out that coming together for the holidays is impossible, so we gave up and celebrate Christmas in July. I managed to pick up some pretty sweet fly fishing swag as gifts…

The sign will look great over my fly tying desk. And the Henry Winkler book is awesome. Definitely a recommended read; whether or not you fly fish.

The Pabst was not a gift. I have dubbed it the official beer of fly fishing. It also disgusted my Anheuser-Busch loyal family. (And yes, I really do think PBR is a good beer.)

Second, I managed to complete one of my 2013 fly fishing goals while at my parents…

That’s right! That is a fish, caught on a fly, from Harlan County Lake!!!

For those of you who have been reading my blog from the beginning, you might remember one of my early posts about Harlan County. No matter how hard I try, I could never catch a fish on a fly there.

Well, eat it Harlan.

This is proof of concept. Okay, Okay… I caught a freshwater drum. Not the most glorious of fish. But drum do put up a good fight on a fly rod. And I have fairly caught, played, and landed a fish from Harlan County Lake… that was not foul hooked, or on a trolled fly (which I don’t consider fly fishing…)

I think that is good for now. I have a BIG update… but I am going to save that for it’s own post.

See you in the waiting room at the family doctor.


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