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Christmas was pretty good for the “Flies Over” family this year. As you can see above, Little E really got the hang of opening presents this year.

And of course she got spoiled. Then again she gets spoiled most of the time…

Little E had the best haul of presents. I won’t go over them all, but I do want to share one story that is particularly cute.

During the whole Christmas season, Little E had told us that she wanted a “bike”. So my wife and I got her a little red tricycle… complete with streamers and a bell. Of course you need to have a little red trike as a kid, right?

Well, a couple of nights before Christmas, we all went out to eat with my wife’s family. In the car, my mother-in-law asked Little E what Santa was going to bring her for Christmas…

(That is, leave at the mailbox for her… Little E is still a little unsure of Santa this year; so he was allowed to bring her presents, but not come in the house. He was to leave all of the gifts at the mailbox. The mind of a 2-year-old…)

Little E, without hesitation, looked at her grandma and proclaimed “A Trumpet!”

We had yet to hear about this…

My wife and I grilled her about this several times over the next couple hours, and she insisted that Santa was going to bring her a trumpet. We have no idea where she got this idea.

So the next day, Christmas Eve, I got up early and drove an hour to the nearest town that had any kind of stores that would sell toys; in an attempt to “find Santa and tell him that Little E needs a trumpet for Christmas”.

Needless to say, shopping on Christmas Eve is not the most pleasurable of activities… and apparently I have the only kid in the world who wanted a trumpet for Christmas. After 4 stops, I couldn’t even find a store that carried toy trumpets.

So as a last resort, I stopped by a party store, and for 59 cents, I found this…

And Christmas was saved!

Little E also raked in some pretty cool toys that were meant for her and daddy…

She (we?) got two differnet magnetic fishing pole sets. The one pictured above (which came with an awesome little fishing vest), and another one for the bath tub. Little E and I have been playing quite a bit of “tackle box” over the last few days.

And of course, I had fun too. While playing Canasta with family, I created this…

Trail Mix Pile Up!!! (I can see my wife’s eyes rolling now…)

Of course I got fishing and Husker stuff for Christmas; so it was a pretty good Christmas for me too.

And when I got home, I also had this waiting for me in the mailbox…

Now I have pleanty to do for the rest of my break!

See you in 2013!

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