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“… to the last I grapple with thee; from hell’s heart I stab at thee; for hate’s sake I spit my last breath at thee.” –Herman Melville’s Moby Dick

It looks like you can take revenge on nature…

How do you like them apples, frog?

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Dear Mr. Frog,

This letter is an reference to our encounter tonight. First of all, I was bass fishing. And yes, it was a slow night with few bites; but you did not need to scoot across the weeds and grab my fly.

That being said, I do appreciate the action that you provided me for a few brief seconds. I do have to ask though… Was it necessary to break my line and swim off with my fly? I only catch and release, so I would have let you go after only taking your picture. Even though I wasn’t “frog fishing”, a picture still would have been cool. Second, this is Nebraska; not Louisiana… Who here would eat a frog anyways?

I understand that it must have been a shock when I set the hook, I do have to say that I am upset you dove into those weeds, broke my line, and took my Chernobyl Ant… I worked really hard on tying that fly.

If you would kindly leave it on the bank where I was standing, I would appreciate it.


Flies Over Nebraska

PS – If you could also tell the bass and crappie to quiet being so stuck up too, that would be great…

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Bowling Lake: Eric – 20+ fish and 1 frog / Bowling Lake – 2 Flies

Got a chance to sneak out at sundown and put a fly in the water. Great way to clear your head.

I caught a frog on my fly rod for the first time… he took a yellow foam ant. Of course I couldn’t get a picture, as soon as I set him on the bank he threw the fly and bounced off.

Ended up leaving that foam fly at Bowling… a 5 inch bluegill took it pretty deep. After a couple minutes of trying to retrieve my fly, I realized it wasn’t coming out. I hate releasing a fish with a fly; not because I am losing the fly but because I know odds are the fish won’t make it. You never know… it might work the fly out on its own, or the hook might rust away to nothing in a couple days and the fish will be fine. The only way I was getting the fly out was if I ripped it out and killed the fish.

I guess life is like that… sometimes you just have to cut the line and hope for the best…

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