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I’ve been fishing a lot of dry flies lately… so why not tie one right?

This is the Adams Dry fly… a pretty basic pattern. I love throwing this a bluegills when they are feeding on the top. Nothing like watching bluegills strike the surface with their ferocious little bite!


I tie my Adams flies in a few different variations, depending on the look I am going for. I am using deer hair for the tail (for extra buoyancy), saddle hackle for the collar, saddle hackle tips for the wings, and super dry dubbing for the body.


Step 1:

Tie on thread.

Step 2:

Tie in the tail of deer hair.

Step 3:

Wrap on dubbing.

Step 4 and 5:

Wrap dubbing forward. Tie in saddle hackle wings ahead dubbing.

Step 6:

Tie in saddle hackle feather for collar.

Step 7:

Wrap hackle forward.

Step 8:

Whip finish.

Step 9:

Go fishing!

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I have really started to enjoy trying new things I my fly rod. Today I decided to fish with a traditional dry fly for a change. I have been tying these Adams Dry Flies all summer, but I had yet to fish one.

So I tied one of my Adams on and waited…

Waiting For A Strike

It didn’t take long to start drawing strikes…

I am not a dry fly purist by any means, but there is something to be said about how relaxing it is throwing a simple dry fly on a 3 weight fly line.

And the dry flies work pretty well too!

Talk about the ultimate relaxation! What a great way to spend a beautiful night…

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