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In response to my recent post about being asked to join an international fly exchange, a reader left a comment on my blog asking what fly tying was… more specifically if it involved tying real, live flies in some manner.

An understandable mistake for someone who does not actively fly fish.

I will admit that the name “fly tying” is open to a little bit of interpretation…

I responded with some links to my own blog showing how fly tying is done step-by-step; proving that it is not a cruel hobby. Another reader responded with a similar experience he had when he told someone he was signing up for a fly tying class…

Here is the comment Richardmax22 left for me:

Funny you should say that. In outdoor humor article I wrote posted on Nov 10th, The Sqeamerchuck Special, I wrote about signing up for a fly tying class at a local community college. When I told the administrator my class was fly tying, some young lady behind be said, “Tying up flies? Sounds kind of kinky to me.” True story.

I went back and found the entire story on his blog. It was hilarious through and through. I almost feel out of my chair laughing… it involves much more than this little quip!

I would highly suggest reading it yourself:

And while you are there, give him a follow too… he is a great writer with great outdoor stories!

Thank you Richard for allowing me to share your story!

Happy reading!


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I am starting to think that I am the best fly fisherman on the Great Plains. However, I believe I have met my match…

This cracks me up every time I watch it.

Special thanks to Hank Patterson for allowing me to share this on my blog!

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