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Success In Failure

Those who followed my recent deer hunt are aware that I did not take a deer this season. Some might call this a failure.

I disagree…

I spent two vacation days from work relaxing in quite solitude. I was surrounded with scenes like the video above. This was one of several deer that walked within twenty yards of me in my tree stand.

So I didn’t shoot a deer. Oh well.

Watching nature wake up with the sunrise is a welcome break from modern life.

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So the first spot we hit today is a pretty famous spot for our family. It has produced a lot of great deer… and today was no exception. It is a field with a spring fed creek running down the middle, a cornfield on one side, and a pasture on another. This particular day, my uncle who farms the land had a herd of cattle turned out on the corn portion of the field.

While creeping along corn field part of the creek bed in the truck, we “kicked up” a nice buck and a doe he was chasing. They ran into some trees in the creek bottom; and I hopped out of the truck, crossed the fence to the pasture side, and hiked after them.

Hoping to cut them off, I walked around the trees and up the edge of the line where I thought they would come out. Camped out on the top of a small ridge, I got the above picture.

In the meantime, my dad drove around to the other side of the creek and dropped my mother off to walk the draw. He then picked me up and drove us to the top of a hill where would could see the whole pasture.


When my mother emerged from the end of the draw, we circled back around to go pick her up…

Then, with the same enthusiasm that one would warn others of a fire, I heard my dad yell…


Apparently my uncle’s cattle must have thought that we were there to “release” them to the pasture… and a large portion of the herd was running for the fence gate that my parents had forgotten to shut behind them in the excitement of the deer chase.

I don’t know how many of my readers grew up on farms… but this is not a good thing. Nobody wants to chase cattle that have gotten out.

My dad floored the truck, and across the field we went on a mad dash to attempt to beat the cattle to the gate. Pastures are not made for high-speed travel… so the ride was not exactly smooth…

And to top it off, we lost the race. We made it down the hill right as the cattle were emerging through the gate.

I, the deer hunter now turned cowboy, had to jump out of the still moving truck to head off a couple of cows and start herding them back toward the gate… which must have been quite a sight. A camo and blaze orange colored man yell at a bunch of cattle while waiving a rifle in the air.

Herding cattle is a lot like interpretive dance… big arm and body motions, repeatedly yelling the phrase “HEPP”, and dashing back and forth… to stay in front of the cattle.

Let that mental image soak in for a second…

Luckily, the cows had not made it very far into the pasture and it only took a “few” minutes to heard them back to where they were suppose to be.

It could have been a lot worse. We could have spent all day herding cattle had we been a few seconds later arriving at the gate…

I did eventually get to my tree stand by the end of the day. I saw a ton of deer the first day, but nothing I wanted to take a shot at. Few small bucks and a couple of does that decided to have an extended supper within a few yards of my stand.

Kinda made the whole trip just watching them… at times they were close enough I could have thrown something at them.

Nature is awesome. Especially when you remember not to let the cows out…

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Now that my Huskers have finished up their game for the week… I can move on to deer hunting season!

Above is my deer from 2011… I have some work to do to improve upon last year’s bag…

I started my outdoors experiences deer hunting. And while I am much more the fly fisherman then hunter… I do go hunting at least once a year in deer season.

Follow along with me over the next few days… I will be leaving tomorrow morning! You will be able to follow along on the blog and on Twitter to the right…

And yes, I will be packing a fishing pole with me too in I get a chance to wet a line in an area lake…

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