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Good morning, Save Eric Nation!

You might have noticed that the blog, and my Twitter account, has fallen extremely silent the last 72 hours…

That is because I had NO idea how incredibly painful this experience was going to be… Well, people warned me, but the warnings didn’t do the actual experience any justice.

I have literally been awake for only about 7 hours the last 72 hours…

The pain has been so intense at some points that I only thing I could do is lay down and try to sleep it off. I didn’t even have the energy to be sarcastic… which for those of you who know me personally should say a lot.

I have been limited to eating almost exclusively pudding and jello. They are the only things that do not excessively burn or hurt as they go down.

The flip side to this is that I am SO sick of pudding and jello… see the protest above.

I am feeling a little bit more coherent today, so I might try to do something while I am awake. Feel free to keep tweeting at me, I do also enjoy that.

I am really missing my job, my co-workers, and my students… UNL is in its Fall Course Registration period right now, which is when I am needed the most. It kills me that I am not there…

I am also missing spending time with my wife and Little E… although Little E has woken up and come cuddled with me on the couch a couple of times the last few nights…

And I miss fishing. And writing about fishing…

Here’s to hoping I feel well enough to make a cast or two on Sunday… And that this whole experience pays off in the end.


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Today is a day of ups and downs. I woke up in about as much pain as I had been in since surgery. Slowly through the day, I started feeling better; and at one point, I thought “Wow, I might pull through the faster than I thought I would…”

And now I feel crummy again…

And my throat is starting to burn.

That figures…

I will probably take it easy the rest of the day. The social media blitz can continue tomorrow… I might even get back to talking about fishing…

I really miss fishing…

Don’t forget to check in on me though, I do appreciate all the good sentiments I have been receiving!



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Well this post is late.

I feel worse today then I have since right after surgery. Not much motivation today. I have pretty much been asleep all day… occasionally lifting my head to watch some basketball with my very groggy eyes.

Last night was also a very long night… I had a nightmare in the middle of the night and woke up panting very hard; which made my throat super raw. Then the pain kept me from going back to sleep.

Today, I have a fever. My basketball bracket has taken several hits. We are in a winter storm warning. And Little E keeps running off with my dry erase board… which wouldn’t be a huge issue, except I haven’t said a single word all day… and that is my only way to communicate.

I do want to take some time and say thank you to those of you who have reached out to wish me well… I have got get well soon wishes from all over the country; and even all over the world.

My twitter contest is not going as well as I would have hoped… no celebrities yet. But maybe we will make a bigger push on that Monday…

I have also heard from many of you on your own tonsilectomy stories… and wow. Some make me feel a lot better… Like my close friend Kenny whose recent tonsillectomy kept him out of his job for two months.

Don’t forget to Tweet me good wishes: @ericein, #GetWellSoonEric #SaveEric2013

See you after my next nap…


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As announced earlier, I have devised a Twitter Contest to:
A) Help keep my moral up; and
B) Keep me entertained for the next 9 days…

And there are prizes!

#GetWellSoonEric #SaveEric2013

Here is the contest… How many “famous people” can my followers or UNL Students/Staff/Faculty members can get to Tweet me the above hash tags!

Targets are based on things that would cheer me up… my colleagues at UNL, fellow professionals in higher education, fishing, sports, and entertainment!

Here are the rules… Tweets must come from people/organizations listed below and will be weighted differently. When you try to convince people to tweet me, you must include my Twitter handle on the request (@ericein) so I know who is badgering each person. And the “Famous person” must send me a tweet, or retweet “#GetWellSoonEric” and/or “SaveEric2013”. Since it might take multiple people tweeting at celebrities to get a response, I will award points to all people who solicited that person/organization; up to the point that the “famous person” responds. The winner in two categories will be the person with the most points. The categories and prizes:

1) UNL Students/Faculty/Staff: Lunch of winner’s choice (plus one) with myself and another CBA adviser; at a restaurant within walking distance of UNL’s city campus. (After I return from my recovery, of course… and after priority registration). Cancelled

2) Non-UNL (Now Open To Everyone): 20 Hand tied Flies from Flies Over Nebraska

The contest ends Friday March 29th at 10 PM!!!

Questions? Tweet at me… @ericein

And now the targets…


Remember to include my handle (@ericein) when you tweet at them, so I know who to award points to!!!

Named People/Organizations will be crossed off once awarded…

Yourself (1 point)

University of Nebraska:
-Any UNL student (1 point each)
-Any UNL Staff or Faculty Members (3 points each)
-Any Official UNL Twitter Feed (5 points each)
-Herbie Husker (15 points)
-Little Red (15 points)
-Coach Tim Miles (50 Points)
-Coach Bo Pelini (50 Points)

Higher Education:
-Staff, Faculty, or any official Twitter Feed at any B1G institution (5 Points each)
-Staff, Faculty, or any official Twitter Feed at any Nebraska Higher Education institution (5 Points each)
-Staff, Faculty, or any official Twitter Feed at Fort Hays State University; Hays, KS (4 points each)
-Staff, Faculty, or any official Twitter Feed at any other institution of higher learning (3 points each)

News Outlets (Newspaper, TV, or Radio):
-Any Nebraska reporter, writer, on air personality, or official Twitter Feed (10 points each)
-Any National reporter, writer, on air personality, or official Twitter Feed (50 points each)
-Any one who gets Grand Island 103.1 personality Shed (@shed75) to use either hashtag above (30 points)

-Local (5 points each)
-State of Nebraska (10 Points each)
-Out of State (15 Points each)
-National (50 Points each)

-Any “Been Verified” Professional Fisherman (30 points each)
-Take Me (30 points)
-Nebraska Game And Parks Commission (30 Points)
-Nebraska Game And Parks Employees (15 points each each)
-A mention on Daryl Bauer’s “Barbs and Backlashes Blog”, Nebraska Game And Parks Website (75 Points)
-TenkaraUSA (50 points)
-Any other fishing tackle manufacturer (30 points each)
-Any state or national conservation organization (30 points each)
-Trout Unlimited (50 Points)
-Save Bristol Bay (50 Points)
-Federation of Fly Fishers (50 Points)
-Fly Rod Chronicles/Curtis Fleming (50 Points)
-Bill Dance (100 points)

-Any professional athlete, any sport (30 points each)
-The Official Twitter Feed from any NCAA Sports Program (30 points each)
-Official Twitter Feed of any Husker Sports Program (50 points each)
-Any national sports announcer (30 points each)
-Lee Corso (50 Points)
-Dr. Lou Holtz (50 Points)
-Desmond Howard (75 Points)
-Adam Rittenberg/Brian Bennett B1G 10 Blog (50 Points)
-Bobby Bowden (50 Points)
-Joba Chamberlin (50 Points)
-Ndamukong Suh (50 Points)
-Boston Red Sox’s Official Twitter Feed (50 Points)

Any other “Been Verified” Celebrity, Singer, Group, Actor, Actress, Comedian, etc (40 points each)

Random Celebrities For Fun (might be added to later):
-Barrack Obama (500 Points)
-George Takei (200 Points)
-Leonard Nimoy (200 Points)
-William Shatner (200 Points)
-Will Wheaton (200 Points)
-The Pope (1000 Points)

Cheer me up and good luck!!!

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I hurt.

A lot.

Day 1 is being lived 4 hours at a time… Liquid pain meds; then while everything is numb, drinking as much water as possible and trying to eat jello. After that is done, social media time to entertain myself. After about an hour and a half the nausea sets in… which is about 30 minutes before I can take my pain med pills and anti-nausea medication. At this point it hurts incredibly bad to swallow; so I gag, hack, and shed tears as I force the pills down. Finally about 20 minutes of TV before I fall asleep for about an hour and forty minutes.

Then repeat.

At least the anesthesia from surgery has started to wear off. I felt a lot better this morning when I could actually hold my head up… for the first two hours of this cycle that is.

Things we have learned so far…

1) Apparently there are such things as “tonsil stones”… similar to kidney stones…

The doctor mentioned that this was possible to my wife when he met with her post surgery; and asked “Does he have bad breath? Do people ever back up from him when he is talking?” Which she said, yes sometimes… I guess “tonsil stones” can cause super bad breath. Something I had been fighting for a while, and just blamed on my toothpaste being sub standard…

Apparently these tonsil stones made my tonsils smell so bad when they came out that both doctors and both nurses in the operating room gagged.

I made an entire operating room of experienced medical professionals gag simultaneously. How many of you have done that?

2) When I woke up after surgery, the post op nurse asked on a scale of 0-10 how much pain I was in; 0 being none, and 10 being the worst pain you have been in during your whole life. I said 9.

I meant it.

The nurse later told my wife that “men are bigger babies about tonsillectomies then women”. I think she thought I was being dramatic.

I still say no.

3) The same nurse gave me 2 or 3 doses of morphine. I was in so much pain, I couldn’t even enjoy it.

4) I apparently took a long time to come out of post op and recovery. I was supposed to be there after surgery for about an hour. I was there for about 4 hours before I could get in the car.

5) Being afraid of spraying the liquid pain medicine on my sore tonsils from the syringe, the first time I took it my wife suggest spraying it in the side of my mouth and then swallowing it.

What we both failed to realize is that the liquid numbs on contact…

So I spent the first four hours home with a numb tongue, and a throbbing throat.

Now on to a nap…

While I couldn’t sleep last night though, I thought of a contest for Twitter/Facebook. There might even be a prize involved… a way to keep the #SaveEric2013 going… and hopefully get it trending. After my nap I will post it…

Until then, see you curled up in the fetal position on my couch…


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Surgery Update

Back home… Was in surgery for only about 30 minutes, but took over 4 hours to get over the anesthesia. Got home about three.

Throat hurts REALLY bad. Qualifies as worst pain of my life when pain meds are not full force. Can talk, but extremely painful. Can’t swallow anything moment.

Lots of napping in my future.

Updates on Facebook and Twitter (#SaveEric2014)

Keep me in your thoughts!


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Good morning, Save Eric Nation!

Just getting ready to load up in the car. So everyone knows:

8:30 check in
10:00 surgery (approximately)

Be sure to follow the Twitter Feed (@ericein, or on the widget in my sidebar). That will updated with high frequency for the next 10 days. I will post here when I can.

Wish me luck!


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