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Updated! Swingline has responded!

This post will have nothing to do with fishing…

Those who follow along with me on my blog should know that I am a passionate person. My life passions are, in order:

  1. My family
  2. My job
  3. Fly Fishing
  4. High Quality Stapling

Points 2 and 3 might be interchangeable… but I digress. My passion for high quality stapling actually arises out of my job. I absolutely love everything about working in higher education; except for one thing.

My stapler.

I have been cursed in the four years I have held my position by the fact that I can never have a stapler that operates correctly. I have been through every spare stapler in our office. Every one of them has jammed, broken, incorrectly, or poorly stapled. Often, the stapler is unable to even bind even a few pieces of paper together.

“Blame the user!”, my colleagues often say. Go ahead.

But I think there is a conspiracy afoot…

You see, I feel that the issue is with the quality of the staples that we are putting into the stapler. We have been putting SF13 staples into our staplers that require SF4 staples.

Big deal, you may ask. Well, Swingline feels so passionately about using the proper staples that they put this on each stapler they make.

Not with a sticker mind you; they literally engrave this on the staplers…

I think that sends a pretty big message. The right staples are important.

So why this rant?

You see, another co-worker of mine cut her hand today on a jammed staple while trying to pull it out. People in my office are now bleeding over the use of improper staples.


It’s not just me. And now people are starting to get hurt…

Thus, I am passionate about high quality stapling. Ask any of my co-workers.

Tweets to @Swingline regarding the importance of using the correct staples have so far gone unanswered…



I will keep Flies Over Nation notified should I receive corporate confirmation of what I know to be true.

In the meantime, for the sake of your loved ones, please use the proper staples…

Your knuckles could depend on it.



Swingline has confirmed the importance of using the correct staples after reading this post!


Flies Over Nebraska would like to thank Swingline. When loaded with the proper staples, they really are the worlds best staplers!

And I know… I have been through my fair share of staplers recently…

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My job is entering one of its busiest times of the year… and it is seriously interfering with my ability to get out on the water…


Actually, that is a little harsh… I really love my job! I wouldn’t do anything else. How many people can truly say that and mean it… The only bad thing I can say is that my job has nothing to do with fishing… even though I take every chance I can to work finishing metaphors into my appointments!

I guess that leaves me hoping that I at least dream about the lake. Anyone know any good ideas on how to induce a dream?

See you after the first week of classes, lake…

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