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As I continue to stall on things to write about…

I will admit that when I am fishing, I am a sucker for a great sunrise/sunset picture. Due to my schedule and life commitments, my fishing tends to take place early in the morning or in the waning hours of the day. No problem with that… a lot of good fishing happens in those hours.

And of course, some beautiful scenery. Here are some recent shots…


Isn’t life wonderful?

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I have written time and time again that big fish are different… and special. They capture the heart; and tease the mind of the fishermen for years to come. They will even enter your dreams; as you think about how you can always catch one just a little bit bigger…

I was lucky enough to have someone talking pictures for me last Wednesday when I hooked into a nice catfish. She caught pictures of my fight with one of the biggest fish I have ever caught on a fly; from hook set to release. This whole process took about 15 minutes. Amazing.

I have been struggling to think of words to go along with the pictures. And I have decided there are no words that can do the pictures justice.

Follow along through the pictures… and keep an eye on my face. Only in the pictures can you see the magic that fly fishing provides…

And this same magic drives me back to the water time and time again; through the lost flies, fishless trips, bugs, sunburns, and mud. This magic is what kindles in my heart over cold winter months as I work away the long nights at the fly tying bench.

Days like below are precious. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

And now… FISH ON!

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My last post referred to the fact that I am busy fishing; not blogging. The top water bass bite has been awesome. I don’t really have anything profound to say. Just a lot of pictures to share.

Nothing beats slowing pulling a frog fly across the surface of the water, watching it suddenly disappear in a splashy explosion, feeling the rod double over as the fly strikes home, and watching the bass dance above the water.

Except knowing that you made that foam frog fly by hand. From scratch.

Fly fishing is mesmerizing…

See you double hauling a frog over the water.


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-Wagon Train State Recreation Area; Hickman, Nebraska; May 19th, 2012

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Today I got a chance to get back on the ice! I don’t know how many ice fishing trips are left this winter… Ice fishing season is notoriously short in Nebraska. We are on the very southern edge of where you can ice fish at here in the Cornhusker State. And that’s okay… I would prefer the weather to warm up so I could put a fly in the water.

But ice fishing is better then no fishing…

I had a great day on the ice today… I actually caught fish! Much better then my last ice fishing trip where I didn’t catch a thing. We went out on a private pond, so per personal policy I will not disclose where I was…

I ended the day with 7 bluegill, 3 crappies, and 1 largemouth bass… and I didn’t lose any gear. So I win, 11-0…

And it was nice to feel a fish yanking on the end of my line… Up to today I hadn’t landed a fish since November.

Not everyone understands why someone would willingly sit on top of a frozen lake in January, but enjoy the pictures…

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My cabin fever has reached fever pitch… so what is a reasonable person to do?

Walk out on 6 inches of ice into the middle of a lake in 20 degree weather…

And try to catch fish through a hole; of course.

I vastly prefer fly fishing, but when there is no fly fishing to be had; fishing is fishing.

The only problem? It was a slow bite tonight. My group only caught two fish… and neither of them was by me.

But hey, that’s fishing.

Although, I did get some great pictures of wild Nebraska while I was not catching fish…

Not to mention froze my fingers off while trying to change baits… do you have any idea how hard it is to tie clinch knots when your fingers are numb and shivering?

Walking on the ice adds a new element of danger to the sport; at least for me. I never really feel nervous about being on the water… but there is something unsettling about walking on ice…

Man wasn’t meant to walk on water; and doing so sometimes feels as if you are tempting fate…

Especially as the ice pops, thumps, and moans while you are standing on it.

But the sights are amazing…

Even as day gives way to night.

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