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Flies Over Nebraska is breaking the moratorium to deliver some sad news…

Spot the Bluegill died last night. Or as we will tell Little E, went back to the lake.

Spot had been sick in the past but pulled through. However Spot recently lost interest in eating. After several days of this, Spot simply faded to that big aquarium in the sky.

Moratorium continued until further notice…

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Kind of a sad post today…

Little E’s fish, Spot the Bluegill, is sick.

Now, I will freely admit that I am not a fisheries biologist; but Spot has developed lots of small red spots on the tips of his fins and on the back part of his body on his scales. We noticed this for the first time a we did a complete cleaning of the tank this morning.

According to a page I found on the University of Florida website, it appears to be a common gamefish condition called “Red Spot Disease”, and it sounds like fish will often pull through without any treatment. But if the disease progresses far enough, Spot might be “going on vacation…”

Updates to follow…

Until then, tight lines!


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Little E and Spot the Bluegill in a stare down!

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I majored in Creative Writing in college… I have done almost nothing with it. Since I have been blogging for about a month, I have really enjoyed it. The reason why I enjoyed writing in college was that it was an excellent release for all the pressures in my life… and there have been a lot!

That’s also why I enjoy fly fishing, it’s a great escape from the pressures of life! Writing about it has only enhanced the experience; in the same way that fly fishing with flies I tied myself enhances the feeling of catching fish.

WordPress has a challenge that sound interesting to me as a writer… post every day for the year. Okay, I missed half the year since I just started blogging… so I am going to try for the rest of the year.

What I have discovered about my own writing since I graduated college is that writing has fallen by the wayside… there are no deadlines to come up with assignments for grades, and that has affected all my writing. I find it hard to write for myself since I am not writing at all. Challenging myself to post everyday seems like a good way to jump start my writing again. Plus I think about fly fishing all the time… I might as well write those thoughts down. I wonder how long before the writer’s block kicks in…

Plus, Spot my pet bluegill needs company… he lives on my writing desk. And yes, I caught spot on a fly, one I tied myself.

So with that, (Spot and) I am throwing my (our) proverbial hat in the blogging ring… here goes nothing!

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