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As announced earlier, I have devised a Twitter Contest to:
A) Help keep my moral up; and
B) Keep me entertained for the next 9 days…

And there are prizes!

#GetWellSoonEric #SaveEric2013

Here is the contest… How many “famous people” can my followers or UNL Students/Staff/Faculty members can get to Tweet me the above hash tags!

Targets are based on things that would cheer me up… my colleagues at UNL, fellow professionals in higher education, fishing, sports, and entertainment!

Here are the rules… Tweets must come from people/organizations listed below and will be weighted differently. When you try to convince people to tweet me, you must include my Twitter handle on the request (@ericein) so I know who is badgering each person. And the “Famous person” must send me a tweet, or retweet “#GetWellSoonEric” and/or “SaveEric2013”. Since it might take multiple people tweeting at celebrities to get a response, I will award points to all people who solicited that person/organization; up to the point that the “famous person” responds. The winner in two categories will be the person with the most points. The categories and prizes:

1) UNL Students/Faculty/Staff: Lunch of winner’s choice (plus one) with myself and another CBA adviser; at a restaurant within walking distance of UNL’s city campus. (After I return from my recovery, of course… and after priority registration). Cancelled

2) Non-UNL (Now Open To Everyone): 20 Hand tied Flies from Flies Over Nebraska

The contest ends Friday March 29th at 10 PM!!!

Questions? Tweet at me… @ericein

And now the targets…


Remember to include my handle (@ericein) when you tweet at them, so I know who to award points to!!!

Named People/Organizations will be crossed off once awarded…

Yourself (1 point)

University of Nebraska:
-Any UNL student (1 point each)
-Any UNL Staff or Faculty Members (3 points each)
-Any Official UNL Twitter Feed (5 points each)
-Herbie Husker (15 points)
-Little Red (15 points)
-Coach Tim Miles (50 Points)
-Coach Bo Pelini (50 Points)

Higher Education:
-Staff, Faculty, or any official Twitter Feed at any B1G institution (5 Points each)
-Staff, Faculty, or any official Twitter Feed at any Nebraska Higher Education institution (5 Points each)
-Staff, Faculty, or any official Twitter Feed at Fort Hays State University; Hays, KS (4 points each)
-Staff, Faculty, or any official Twitter Feed at any other institution of higher learning (3 points each)

News Outlets (Newspaper, TV, or Radio):
-Any Nebraska reporter, writer, on air personality, or official Twitter Feed (10 points each)
-Any National reporter, writer, on air personality, or official Twitter Feed (50 points each)
-Any one who gets Grand Island 103.1 personality Shed (@shed75) to use either hashtag above (30 points)

-Local (5 points each)
-State of Nebraska (10 Points each)
-Out of State (15 Points each)
-National (50 Points each)

-Any “Been Verified” Professional Fisherman (30 points each)
-Take Me (30 points)
-Nebraska Game And Parks Commission (30 Points)
-Nebraska Game And Parks Employees (15 points each each)
-A mention on Daryl Bauer’s “Barbs and Backlashes Blog”, Nebraska Game And Parks Website (75 Points)
-TenkaraUSA (50 points)
-Any other fishing tackle manufacturer (30 points each)
-Any state or national conservation organization (30 points each)
-Trout Unlimited (50 Points)
-Save Bristol Bay (50 Points)
-Federation of Fly Fishers (50 Points)
-Fly Rod Chronicles/Curtis Fleming (50 Points)
-Bill Dance (100 points)

-Any professional athlete, any sport (30 points each)
-The Official Twitter Feed from any NCAA Sports Program (30 points each)
-Official Twitter Feed of any Husker Sports Program (50 points each)
-Any national sports announcer (30 points each)
-Lee Corso (50 Points)
-Dr. Lou Holtz (50 Points)
-Desmond Howard (75 Points)
-Adam Rittenberg/Brian Bennett B1G 10 Blog (50 Points)
-Bobby Bowden (50 Points)
-Joba Chamberlin (50 Points)
-Ndamukong Suh (50 Points)
-Boston Red Sox’s Official Twitter Feed (50 Points)

Any other “Been Verified” Celebrity, Singer, Group, Actor, Actress, Comedian, etc (40 points each)

Random Celebrities For Fun (might be added to later):
-Barrack Obama (500 Points)
-George Takei (200 Points)
-Leonard Nimoy (200 Points)
-William Shatner (200 Points)
-Will Wheaton (200 Points)
-The Pope (1000 Points)

Cheer me up and good luck!!!

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