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It’s that time of year again, when my November Birthday and Christmas create the need for me to make a list of gift ideas for me. I think this list could apply to other fly anglers; but specifically, this is what you can get for me. For my friends and family, if you do get me something off this list then you might want to let my wife know so we can avoid duplicate gifts… (although I will take multiple trips to Kamchatka!)

Here is a Birthday/Xmas list…

This Boat
-A waterproof camera
-A Full Sized Coffee Maker for my office, since “Goose” is dying… Thank you to my wife and Little E for this for my B-Day!
-Magazine subscriptions to In-Fisherman, Nebraskaland, American Angler, Fly Rod and Reel, or the online magazine The Catch
-A Classy Red Sox Shirt (one that just says “Boston” or “Red Sox” without any other garbage on it)
-Fly tying desk organziers… This or This
-The Huskers To Win The B1G
An Ice Fishing Flasher
Gift Cards To Cabela’s to help me pay for the Fly Rod I am saving for
-New Husker Sweatshirts are always appreciated
-A box of Oreo cookies
-I need cologne
A guided fly fishing trip to Kamchatka
Big, Nice Fly Boxes, preferable waterproof…
-Summer Fishing Clothing… the non-cotton type that is super-fast drying… Long sleeve T’s preferred to avoid sunburns
-Winter Fishing Clothing… base layers, coats, especially pants… things to keep me warm while ice fishing
-Pretty much any ice fishing gear

Get to shopping and let’s make this my best birthday/xmas yet!!!

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