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And Happy Holidays to you; whatever faith you may practice.

E and Little E

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Flies Over Nebraska went on a road trip this weekend.

Some of my friends and I snagged tickets to the Iowa-Nebraska game this weekend. So-so game; very cold, but at least Nebraska ground out a win.

Overall, it was a great trip.

But early this morning, I woke up long before any of my friends. I wandered to the lobby of the hotel looking for something to do. Across the street from our hotel was the Iowa River. A quick check on my smart phone reveled that, yes, the river was fishable. Having nothing better to do, I wandered out of the hotel room to take a closer look…

So there I found myself on the banks of a fishable body of water, with time to kill, and no way to wet a line.

Would I have caught anything?

Probably not…

But without a pole the answer is always no.

I guess that is a good lesson… always bring a fishing pole…

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Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving from Flies Over Nebraska!


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Just a few photos of wild Nebraska taken so far on the trip…

There is a deer in this picture… look close!

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